Angel Hernandez Still Sucks | Fauci Also Sucks | Giancarlo to the MOON | Aroldis is Jacked | AROD in Mid Season Form


Angel Hernandez Still Sucks

Just the worst of all time

How does this guy still have a job

Fauci is also Terrible

His first pitch isn’t so dissimilar to his analysis of the rona

Consistently off target.  But at least he’s consistent

Giancarlo to the MOON

Note to Mad Max.  Don’t throw it there.

Another note.  This ball might have gone 1000 feet

Triple note.  Giancarlo may hit 60 homers this year

Aroldis is Jacked

Remember when coaches used to say lifting weights was bad for pitchers?

You didn’t want to get to big and bulky.

Well Aroldis throws 100 and he’s is MASSIVE

Lift Big.  Eat Big. Throw Gas

Arod In Mid Season Form

If Arod buys the Mets can he still work in the booth?

If not then I will start the Gofundme campaign today to help him with the purchase

Seriously, does MLB have a good color commentator?

Happy MLB Opening Day

Hit 💣

Throw ⛽️


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