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2020 baseball season is back and in case you were wondering, Gerrit Cole is still really good

I imagine Gary Sanchez feels good about the fact he can put down whatever fingers he wants and hitters probably won’t touch it.  Hitting is hard, but against Cole, it’s impossible.

I admit the sound of a heater in an empty stadium is so satisfying (Sound on)

Also, if you are someone that still fights that velo doesn’t matter you can kick rocks.  That pitch is right down the middle and one of the best hitters in the world doesn’t even react.

Enough with the pitchers already

Julio’s still got it.

I love his style and more importantly, he can still hit tanks

The next hitting revolution is upon us.

Fall down and hit tanks.

Ronald Acuna is young and Ronald Acuna is good.

This camera angle is fire.  Maybe we can get these in the broadcast this season since we have been robbed of 120 games.

There is a reason baseball never wrote down the unwritten rules.  It’s because they are stupid.  Touchdown celebrations are awesome and we should encourage more homer fun.

Some things should never change, like Mike Trout crushing baseballs

Shohei is everything I want my son and daughter to become. Hit BOMB and throw GAS

Tim Anderson is the GOAT. That is all. Have a great Monday


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