What are the minimum learnable units, the LEGO blocks, I should be starting with?

Tim Ferriss is a popular content creator and author of The 4 Hour Chef. His DiSS learning model is widely accepted across many fields of skill acquisition. Deconstruction is the model we chose to design a framework to which we will develop a pitchers mechanics. These “chunks” will serve as our focus points in our mechanical patterning and guided self-discovery development process. These points are broad by design to give the athlete room to self organize within the context of the drill or external intent of the user.

Creating Energy in the Trail Leg

●  Potential energy is energy stored in an object due to its position or arrangement.  It is more commonly known or felt as “stretch.”

●  Learning to Hip Hinge properly to create potential energy in the posterior muscles of the trail leg.

Monica Abbott Pitching Load

Transferring Energy into the ground to produce force to move horizontally

●  Transferring potential energy into kinetic energy through the creation of ground force.

●  Pushing against the ground with the trail leg and driving the center of mass at the target with maximum intent

Monica Abbott Leg Drive Pitching Mechanics

Transferring Force through Lead Leg Blocking

●  Transitioning the energy created from the force produce into the ground, up the joints, and muscles that make up the kinetic chain.

●  Landing on a firm, not bent, lead leg.  Applying the brakes is critical.

Monica Abbott Pitching Lead leg Block

Arm Path & Snap Timing to Transfer Energy into the Ball

●  The arc that the arm travels is the end of the kinematic sequence.

●  Passively improving the consistency of arm path and timing of the release without over-cueing or overstressing the athlete’s internal process that will inhibit their ability to find their movement solution.


The best mechanics are your mechanics.  Designing programs and framework to solve their movement solutions is critical for individual development.  If an athlete is to own their delivery, truly we must give the freedom to self interpret as well as self optimize it around a proven skill acquisition model.  Over cueing or critiquing is only inhibiting the athlete’s ability to reach their movement potential.

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