In Response to Current Covid-19 Situation

We are in uncharted waters with spring seasons being canceled everywhere.  A spring without baseball is rough on everyone.  We sympathize with all players, coaches, and parents that have invested so much to see things left so undone.

In these unfortuntate events we want to encourage you to be safe and follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC.

If we ever needed to be team players it is now.

In that, we also want to help you make the best of your situation at home.

For coaches, players, and parents who want to continue training and learning, we’ve made some free resources.

What isn’t free is steeply discounted, from now until there are baseball returns. And it will

Stay Safe,

Chad Longworth

Free Resources:

The Blog has been and always will be a free resource for training concepts, ideas, and a framework for you to begin to think differently – CLICK HERE

First Principles of Hitting – Free coaching course – CLICK HERE

Hit at Home: Free Daily Hitting plan designed to increase your athleticism and power at the plate – CLICK HERE

Throw at Home: Free Throwing plans designed to maintain throwing fitness levels so that when baseball returns, you can return without injury – COMING SOON

Discounted resources:

LPD+ is a full library complete with drills, how to’s and player development plans.  All lifetime subscriptions are 40% off normal price ($299) with coupon code “stayathome“.  Monthly Subscriptions are 75% off ($7.50) normal price ($29.99) with coupon code “spring” – CLICK HERE

Dynamics of Hitting – Full in depth coaching course on developing hitters.  Normally $599 Discounted $299 with coupon code “stayathome” plus free lifetime subscriptions to LPD Hitting+ and Throwing+ – CLICK HERE

Remote Training – Remote hitter training will be discounted from $149 a month to $99 a month.  All enrollments will also include a free lifetime subscription to LPD Hitting+.  This program will be manage by our on floor trainers and Traq by Driveline Baseball – CLICK HERE

Discounted Products:

All Spinner Models are Buy 1 get 1 free.  This includes the Pro, H, Original, & Junior models.  Mix and Match in your cart.  Apply coupon code “freespinner” – Shop Now

Swing Speed Sticks will be $15.00 off.  Normally $89.99.  Now $74.99. No Code needed – Shop Now


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