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Cody Bellinger’s New Girlfriend

Turns out, winning the NL MVP comes with perks

Enter Chase Carter, Cody Bellinger’s new girlfriend, who just happens to be Giancarlo’s ex-girlfriend

What’s the theme here?  I think it’s clear.  Don’t bunt. Hit Bombs and maybe someday you can date Chase Carter and win a League MVP Award

Congrats Cody

Dustin May is A Wizard

Let’s face it.  That’s the only way to explain this pitch

Humans shouldn’t be able to throw a baseball 99 mph with 2 feet of run

Can anyone prove that May isn’t an actual wizard? I can’t

Bartman is Back

Kudos to the fan who bought the seat at Wrigley down the left field line and put Bartman in it

This is next-level trolling and I love it

Cleveland’s Name Change

Since we are on the topic of changing the name of sports team i nominate this

“Now introducing the Cleveland Idiots”

Never Bunt, Crush Homers

Hit 💣

Throw ⛽️

“If you’re 10 years old and your coach tells you to get on top of the ball tell him no” -Josh Donaldson


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