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Consistency is the Secret

Everyone wants the secret, the hot tip, the one thing that's going to unleash greatness upon them

Sadly, this doesn't exist. There is no one thing but rather a series of things done over a period of time consistently

To whatever extint I have been successful at anything it can be contributed stubborn consistency.

Doing things over and over that people said I couldn't or shouldn't do.  Maybe this is what drove the consistency.  Whatever works for you, building a body of work overtime is the number one thing.

Studying HackMotion

Recently I picked up a HackMotion wrist sensor.  Honestly, I wasn't sure what I would learn but like everything I dug my heels in and became curious to learn.

Along with what Mark is talking about in the video above, what I am seeing is how valuable wrist position is in acceleration of the bat and the transfer of energy through the kinetic chain.

The wrist is the last link in this chain before energy produced in the body transfers to the bat.  If this link is broken or inefficient, energy gets lost, and the batted ball result isn't as good as it could be (higher exit velocity, more consistently square impact.

Just as Mark points out, players that are in neutral to slight flexion wrist position maximize their energy transfer from arm to bat thus creating the most energy-efficient swing.  Players that have excessive extension in their load simply do not transfer energy as well.  I learned this by combining a Diamond Kinetics Swingtracker ( a technology I am familiar with) and HackMotion (a technology I wasn't as familiar with) and a beginners mindset.







There may be other things out there to learn or being talked about with HackMotion, these are just my early observations of the technology.

Arm Care Is Key

Back on the consistency piece, Arm care isn't just something you do every now and then.

It has to become a part of who you are and what you do.

This reason alone is why I built The Spinner.  Players we were training were unable to complete their throwing routines because they either couldn't or didn't want to carry around a 6-foot pole to do their shoulder stabilization exercises.

I wanted to build them something they could carry in a bag so that they could consistently finish all of their pre throwing warm-ups and post throwing cool-down routines, and that's what I did.

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