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Movement Over Mechanics


Baseball is king of pointless drills.  Drills that get "mechanics" right.  Building powerfully adaptable hitters is the core of how we train hitters.  I often take a lot of blowback from coaches on how we train hitters because it doesn't look like what you would traditionally see.

Our goal is to train the mover over the movement.  Every pitch presents a unique problem that is to be solved.  The more tools you have in the tool belt, the better chance you will have to solve the problem.  Just like Devonta doesn't need to run the 40, most hitters don't need to practice predetermined pitch problems ie tee work.  That's not what hitting is.

Hitting is the unique ability to match your range of movement solutions to the unique problem of the flight of the pitch.  Solving it requires a range of movement potentials, train them.

Adapt or Die

Remember when Nick Saban beat LSU 9-6?  Yeah, me too

Remember when Nick Saban used to complain about up tempo spread offenses?  Yeah, me too

At 69 years of age Nick Saban could have very easily dug his heals in and said "we do what we do" and never changed, but he didn't

Instead of continuing to complain about it, he has built an offensive juggernaut at Alabama.

In his coaching career that's filled with impressive stats, this might be the most impressive.

A baseball revolution has been happening for the last 5 years and continues to happen today.  Using data as a feedback tool isn't going away. Optimizing player performance using technology isn't going way.  You can either adapt or die.



Spinner Arm Care Throwing Warm Up Tool

Fun is Good

Measure the process and adjust where needed.  Optimizing for the level you are on almost certainly guarantees you won't be ready for the level you are going.

Optimizing for the level you are going gives you a chance to be successful at the level you are and gives you a chance to be ready for the level you are going.

Train accordingly, and yeah, like Deven says hitting the ball hard in the air is fun, and fun is good.

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