Daily Bombs: January 5, 2021


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Being Athletic Is A Good Thing

Evidently Deven got crushed on Twitter for posting a video of a kid doing a Happy Gilmore Drill.

It looks like this

You see prescriptive coaching stuck on perfect mechanics can’t wrap their minds the idea of developing athleticism in the swing

Typically the best athletes hit.  Why?  Because they have the ability to adapt their bodies to multiple tasks in a variety of ways.  Shouldn’t this be a goal of every hitter?

If you listen to Deven in the original Tweet, he explains that of course you aren’t going to run at the ball and hit it in the game but the Happy Gilmore develops several swing qualities that will emerge in a game as a result of giving the player opportunities to find them in training.  The Happy Gilmore drill is just one of these explorative opportunities.

If you haven’t ever googled Nikoli Berstein I encourage you to do so.  Below I will share a list of his quotes on learning a motor skill such as hitting a random baseball well.

  • “No natural phenomenon can be understood without carefully considering how it emerged.”
  • “A movement is correct when it perfectly fits a motor problem just as a key easily opens a lock.”
  • “Dexterity is the ability to find a motor solution for any external situation, that is, to adequately solve any emerging motor problem.”
  • “Dexterity is not confined within the movements or actions themselves but is revealed in how these movements behave in their interaction with the environment, with its unexpectedness and surprises.”

There is no singular answer but rather an assortment of answers that can emerge at any moment.  When it comes to keys and opening locks you better be a janitor.

Speed Is The Foundation

This thread pretty much covers it but to reiterate.  Speed scales with a growing body.  Feel does not.

Think about a growing boy in puberty.  He can barely walk and chew gum at the same time.  Let alone “remember” the swing refinement he did as a 11 year old taking lessons from the local guru.

Build your house on a foundation of speed and once you reach the age of physical maturity, then and only then should you start to refine your feel into something that is unique to you.

I donated to the Barstool Small Business Fund

2020 was a tough year for small business everywhere.  Barstool Sports started a small business fund that I wanted to be a part of.

I ran a trucker cap sale and donated the profits to help struggling small businesses make it through mandated shutdowns to continue serving their customers

Be kind always

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