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Humility and Curiosity Are King

I played.  Not at the highest level of Major League Baseball but higher than most.  You know how much that matters in developing individual players?  None

It was a nice experience for me.  But that is it.  Nothing more.

Being a good player isn’t the prerequisite to being a good coach.  Having humility and curiosity is.

I’ve misstepped a lot in my own coaching journey but my intention has always been help players reach their potential no matter what it takes or who’s idea it is.

Data only helps in that because it gives an unbiased feedback to “this works” or “this doesn’t work”

Best ideas win.

Explore over Prescribe

The best hitters I know and have ever seen have their A, B, C, D, E, F, G……… swing and can apply them within 400 milliseconds

How? Because they are adaptable.  And how did they become adaptable?  They were either born more conducive genetically or they trained/played in an environment that was conducive.

It’s lazy to say “you either have it or you don’t” that may be true but why not try to train “it”

By “it” I mean the ability to adapt to any movement problem and find a movement solution at any time and in any place.

I’ve told our hitters before: My ultimate goal for you is that if dropped you in a pickup baseball game on Mars and you had to use a sawed off telephone pole to hit with and 12 foot tall alien pitching within 2 swings or less you can calibrate and mash.

You won’t do this training in static scenarios.  Create dynamic, robust, and challenging training/play environments and watch your athletes florist regards of their genetic predisposition.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Always Be a Strike

Training on the edges means going outside the bounds of your perceived limits.

Next time you hit, take the plate out and tell the hitter “No takes, hit the ball hard off the ground”

Challenge them to adapt to any pitches because they may find themselves swinging at those pitches in a game.  Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have trained to hit them?

This may take a swing that isn’t visually please but it works and that’s all it needs to do

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