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Failure is Part Of The Process

For too many years “batting practice” consisted of tee, flips, and some overhand BP.  While these things are fine to do I wouldn’t exactly call them “practice”

What should be practice is what will make you successful in the game.  Tee, flips, and coach bp can be a small part of the process but a larger segment of the process should be practicing tasks that are more representative to the challenge of the game.

Within that failure becomes a big part of the process.  Dealing with that becomes a real challenge.

I get messages all the time during season “Hey Chad, here’s video of my swing.  I’m really struggling, can you tell me what you see?”

Being polite, I watch the video.  Then I ask “How much are you practicing against speeds and/or pitching that you see in a game?”

“Not much”

Start there, because going do the rabbit hole of “fixing your swing” will not lead to a good place.

Softball Should Be So Much Better

There are some great softball minds out there.  Dan is one of them.  Sadly, an overwhelming amount of coaches are doing a disservice to the girls they are leading.

I’ve mainly bowed out of interacting in the softball world with the exception of my own daughter.  It’s just not a hill I wanted to fight on.  Cudos to those who are.  Hopefully some day I can send my daughter to play for you.

Hitting is Hard and Answers Are Never Simple

Rachel is poking fun at the guru crowd that seems has all the mechanical answers.

Hitting is complicated.  Coordinated movement in a small timeframe that requires precision accuracy in a short amount of time.  But yeah “pulling off” I’m sure is the answer. /sarcasm

Both Deven and Rachel are great development minds.  They both do a great job of attacking hitting from a first principles view and combine the complexity of the skill to the complexity of training the skill.

I understand you might have bills to pay and doing lessons helps make ends meet for you, but do better.  They only people you are hurting is the players, and they deserve better.

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