Daily Bombs: Never F’N Bunt | Don’t Get The Rona | Happy Robin Ventura Day | Rays Record | MLB Announcers are Awful | Mookie’s Got a HOSE | No One Loves Homers More Than Me


Never F’n Bunt

That’s what he gets for attempting such stupidity

Don’t Get The Rona

Keys to MLB Season 2020

Happy Robin Ventura Day

No mess with Nolan Ryan, just ask Robin Ventura

Rays Record

The Orioles are so bad they only have 1 run on 661 errors from the Rays

MLB Announcers are Awful

You would think if they were going to be paid to talk about the game they would actually be able to explain the game accurately

Mookie’s Got a HOSE

Before you go trying to take extra bases on Mookie, you may want to think twice

No One Loves Homers More Than Me


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