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Nice Swing Bitch

Last night Joe Kelly became the GOAT.

Dusty Baker said he told Carlos Correa “Nice Swing Bitch”

I don’t see it in this video but it does appear he tells him “you gotta cheat to hit”

Either way, this is legendary trash talk.  Which I am in total favor of.

You be the judge

Now, are we sure that Joe Kelly did this on purpose?

I’d say the evidence isn’t strong based on the below tweet from the off-season where he broke a window at his own house


Take my money Rotowear.  This shirt bangs

And to no surprise Pitching Ninja is winning in the Twitter streets

God I love baseball, and sports in general.  Especially when people are talking trash.

Chicken Wings Anyone?

Like every other guy on planet earth, I love some chicken wings

This place appears to have good ones, or not, who knows.

Go Stros

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Doors open til 1 tonight!

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