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Piazza On Baywatch

I have no idea why this happened on Twitter, but it did, and it’s glorious

Piazza out here just trying to get some hacks in #dailygrind

Adley Rutschman Shoots His Shot

When you’re the number 1 pick in the draft it’s your world

And when it’s your world, you can shoot your shot on the Bachelorette Madison Prewett via Instagram comments

She went to Auburn.  God bless the south.  War Eagle

Good Luck Adley.  I’m rooting for you


Hide the Women and Children

If Throw gas and Hit Bombs needed a mascot it’s this guy

Good luck trying to hit him for 9 innings

Hint: You won’t

Guillen Vs. Swisher

Tell us how you really feel Ozzie

Let’s get one thing straight.  Swisher is a rockstar, Ozzie is just a bitter old guy

Never Bunt, Hit BOMBS

Throw ⛽️

Hit 💣

Never Bunt


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