Taking great coaches and arming them with assessments to make them unstoppable

From a spreadsheet of batted ball data (Hittrax, Fightscope, etc) we can provide and assessment that includes:

Peak and Average Exit Velocity

Exit Velocity by Field, by Launch Angle

Launch Angle by Field

Launch Angle Of Hard Hit Balls

Distance By Field

From a spreadsheet of swing data (Blast Motion, Diamond Kinetics), we can help you understand the following and where you stand against players playing at the highest levels of amatuer baseball:

Bat Acceleration

Attack Angle

Swing Plane Efficiency

Bat Speed

Swing Quickness

Custom Built Reporting

Blast | Diamond Kinetics | Hittrax | Flightscope

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Frequently Asked Questions

What data do you need?

The more swings the better but minimally we would like to have at least 100 non-tee swings. The closer the swings are too competitive game pitch speeds and intent levels the more representative your data will be to potential in-game results.

How do I send you data?

Spreadsheets work best. Email once you have purchased and collected.  Steps to extract the necessary data can be provided upon request.

How many types of data are supported?

Prices, as listed, cover 2 sources of data (ie Hittrax + Diamond Kinetics). Additional sources of data can be included but additional fees may be incurred

How quickly do reports come back?

Depending on the number of players, we shoot for 5 business days (NOT COUNTING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY)

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