Data Driven Player Development

You’ve probably heard. I like numbers. I like truth, and I don’t like to guess when it comes to a players journey in baseball and their development within it. Data plays a big role in how we train guys and girls and it can help you also. A data-driven process looks something like this:

Step 1 Baseline Testing: You need to gather information about players. You can’t just blindly design training without having some idea of their measurable feedback such as bat speed, barrel acceleration, or swing plane.

Step 2 Develop a training Plan – Failing to plan is planning to fail. Baseball is no different. What gets measured gets improved. Having a 4-8 week game plan specific to player needs from the feedback of your baseline testing is critical!  Data feedback is only as good as the training attached to it!

Step 3 Retest. Is the training working? If the primary focus was to get the athlete more consistent on plane with the pitch did it work? If not then why and how can it be adjusted?

This IS the process of player development. Anything otherwise is just guessing, educated or not doesn’t matter. Why guess when you can measure?


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