College football season is just around the corner (my favorite spectator sport season of all), and I saw an article today highlighting the amount of quarterbacks that have transferred this offseason.  The outline of the article was the entitlement of millennial quarterbacks.  My question is are millennials entitled or are they more impatient than ever before.  My problem with this is that my great great grandfather thought my great grandfather’s generation was entitled, my great grandfather’s generation thought my grandfather’s generation was entitled, and my grandfather thought my father’s generation was entitled, and my father’s generation thinks my generation is entitled.  We have been having this discussion for generations and will continue for generations, so I do not believe that’s the argument.  What I think is more abundant than ever is impatience.  Impatience of players, impatience of parents, and overall impatience as a society.  You son isn’t the starting shortstop for his high school? Just transfer.  Your kid not pitching on his travel team?  Just quit, he can pitch for my team.  Waiting your turn has become a thing of the past and frankly it is what’s going on across not just athletics but other fields of work.

Entitlement or Impatience?  I argue more towards the ladder.  What do you think?


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