Barry Bonds Greatest Hitter Of All TIme

At the foundation of my development programs, we are trying to develop speed and power.  These two elements are the two things that will allow hitters to level up and open doors for them in their journey as a player.  If you listen to 10 big leaguers talk about hitting you will hear 10 different explanations of feel.  These aren't always right and they aren't always wrong they are just the way that that particular player felt he executed his swing.  Many will say they try to swing down, and when you watch video they clearly don't and that's fine.  What matters at the end of the day is can you produce consistent velocity between a 10 to 20-degree launch angle.  How you feel your swing executes or how you need to go about that is up to you.

Two of the best hitters of my lifetime, Barry Bonds & Tony Gwynn share 4 things that I often point to when talking about feel with hitters.  Again these aren't absolutes just feels.

Bonds said this

  • The bat has to become an extension of your lead arm
  • You have to keep your hands up


Gwynn said this

  • Swing the Knob


Lastly, as you have seen in both videos they point to the importance of having balance through the load and transition phases of the swing!  Give these feels a shot and see if these help you achieve the consistent outcomes you are looking for!  As always I encourage you to measure your feels with something like a bat sensor from Diamond Kinetics to see if your feel is actually real!

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