Giancarlo Says No To Tee Work | Bo Bichette Trending | Brusdar Grateral Casual | McCullers is NASTY | Nobody Likes Homers More Than Me


Giancarlo on the Grind

Do you know what that grind doesn’t involve?

The tee

You know why?

Because the tee sucks

Bo Bichette Trending On Twitter

Last night he became a Chuck Norris figure

But the GOAT goes to…..

I think he should permanently keep Show Bichette.  Especially when they do the nickname jersey.  I would 100% buy a “Show” Blue Jays jersey.

Brusdar Grateral Casual

Not just your everyday 99 mph heater

But one you throw, break your necklace, then catch it



McCullers is NASTY

Just a 95 mph laminar express nasty 2 seam

Wait for it……


Nobody Likes Homers More Than Me

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Dinger, obviously.

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Happy Opening Day Eve

Hit 💣

Throw ⛽️

Never Bunt


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