Point of Impact

If you read Fangraphs, you might have seen this article by Eno Sarris about power hitters should hit the ball out front.

This is true but in front of what?  Eno used the plate as a reference point, but I believe this is incomplete.  Here’s why.  When I work with higher level hitters the one thing I want to know based upon impact is how soon does the barrel get on plane and how long does it stay on plane.  For this reason, I do not use the plate as a reference as much as I use the hitter’s front foot.  What I like to see is a player have the ability to launch the ball at 15 degrees 6 inches inside their front foot all the way to 25 degrees 12 inches outside their front foot.  Long story short the sooner the barrel can arrive on plane behind the ball the more opportunity a hitter has to launch the ball in the air to be successful. So instead of fighting to get out front, create acceleration and plane behind you and allow the centrifugal force created to carry the barrel on plane through the hitting zone.  So, hit the ball out in front of your front foot to launch the ball high but make sure your barrel gets on plane behind the ball by the center of your foot position to save you from deep contact barreled groundballs!


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