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Hitting is so Dumb

Seriously, who in their right mind signs up for this torture

Pitchers out here throwing voodoo pitches and I said to myself “yeah, that looks like fun”

How is someone supposed to hit this?

Mookie Taking BP

I love this view of BP

I especially love Mookie doing palm up swing holds!

This is an excellent option for someone that rolls off the ball and across their body.

Maintain swing direction and deliver max energy into the ball for BOMBS

Speaking of BOMBS

Zach Hess Throws GAS

You know the drill by now.  Hit BOMBS and throw GAS

Former LSU Stud Zach Hess isn’t leaving anything on the table

Luis Robert is the GOAT

Not only does he hit bombs and embarrass pitchers families

He rubs it in by liking his own Instagram highlight DURING THE GAME

Lucky for me, I am married, otherwise I would be out of luck finding a gal after this legend move

No One Likes Homers More Than Me


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