Kate Upton is Impressed | The Dodgers New Left Fielder | Smoltz Head Explodes | Bryce Plays Third | The Stro Family Swag | Who loves homers


Justin Verlander is winning

Not only does he throw 97mph plus spin rate fastballs with an unhittable hammer, but he married Kate Upton

Do those things impress her? Nope.  What does?  His vertical leap into the pool

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Sometimes I forget how athletic @justinverlander is

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White flag, Justin, you win

The Dodgers new left fielder is making plays

Chico owns left field at Dodger Stadium. Who’s Chico you ask.

He’s their clubby, and he’s making plays

In Chico we trust

John Smoltz hates baseball

He hates baseball, yet somehow he is a commentator.

On Tuesday the Braves signed Yasiel Puig to accompany Acuna and Ozuna in the Braves outfield

This won’t make Johnny happy to announce games of his former team that made him a hall of fame pitcher

None of this ole’ bullshit

With flow like Harp, you can do whatever you want

Apparently he wants to play third, and honestly, as long as he hits homers he can play wherever he wants

For those kids who don’t know who Lou Brown is, see below

He is one of the great movie characters of our time and owner of some the greatest one-liners in movie history

The Stro Family Swag

I’m a 37-year-old father of 2 kids from Wise, Virginia and I drive a Chevy Cruze

I have no idea if “swag” is still a word that young people use but it seems appropriate for the Stroman Family

They ooze style

The Griffey like swagger coming from his brother is everything that’s right about baseball

I mean, Stro doesn’t lack for style himself

Well done Stroman family

Homers Everywhere

NO ONE and I mean NO ONE likes homers more than me

That’s it.  Have a great Wednesday


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