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Where Does Mike Trout Stand Out The Most?  – If someone asked you what Trout’s greatest superpower is (the list is endless), what would your answer be?

Should We Embrace Robot Umpires? – It’s coming, whether we like it or not.

Tony Gwynn and Wade Boggs in Today’s Game – How valuable are “batting average” guys in today’s understanding of offensive run value?

The Ecological Approach, Explained to an 8 Year Old – “Why did that person do the thing they just did, in the way that they did it?”

Motor Learning & Hitting (WATCH) – I sat down with Kyle Harris and talked about the one thing that makes my brain tick

Exploring Catching And Hitting Through an Ecological Dynamics Lense (LISTEN) – Trainer Nick Ascue Join Garret Boyum On the Finding the Edge Podcast

Data As Feedback Would Have Made Past Players Even Better – Pat Burrel talks about how much better he could have been using the feedback tools of today

Clayton Kershaw’s Legacy – As we wait for baseball to return Kershaw looks back at the past and ahead to the future

Unsolicited Life Lessons – We learn from mistakes, the good thing is they don’t just have to be your own

What’s New On the Blog?

Blocking: Are We Demanding Enough Of Our Catchers? – Trainer Nick Ascue discusses catching and whether we are asking the right questions of catchers and saving runs.

What’s New in LPD+

Eccentric Overload Deceleration Exercises for Pre-Swing Routine – Hitting+ Free Preview – In this video, I demonstrate Rip Stick overloaded exercises.  If you build a big engine you better have big brakes.

Post Hitting Stability Circuits – Hitting+ – Log in to view – Performance Trainer Ryan Mullins demonstrates two post hitting stability exercise circuits

Quick Pick PlyoBall Drill Explanation – Pitching+ – Log in to view – Pitching Trainer Chase Cunningham explains the quick pick plyoball throwing drill

LPD+ Premium Slack Channel – Join the conversation on an array of topics – Log in for private link


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