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What fuels Michael Jordans fire? – The untold story.  Learn more in the hour read than the ten hour doc (which was really good)

When is the constraint led approach not the constraint led approach? – Designing drills then directing the player’s movements through the drill isn’t the idea

The future of scouting baseball players – The anatomy of a prospect

Using technology to keep your stuff game ready – See how MLB players are no longer guessing about their game preparedness

The Last Dance Motivating Kenley Janson – Michael Jordan has MLB Players ready to go……we just need games

Should perfection of mechanics be the goal of practice?Task Decomposition & Prescriptive Instruction

Training Progressions for loading the back hip – Mechanical Problem or strength deficiency?

Accepting your flaws is the only way to improve them – Self-acceptance without self-judgment

Dr. Greg Rose discusses biomechanics with he guys from Driveline Baseball – Watch Now

Stillness is Key by Ryan Holiday is $3.99 on Kindle. If you can’t get $4 in value from this book I can’t help you

New on the Blog

Pitching Trainer Chase Cunningham deep dives into Fastball optimization and its value for pitchers in their development – Read Now

New on LPD+

Every Sunday night we have the LPD+ Trainers Roundtable where we discuss topics from the week in training athletes in the gym, as well as members, can ask questions of the trainers in real-time!  Log in or Join now

Build more athleticism and more power on the mound with this months Free LPD+ preview from Pitching Trainer Chase Cunningham – Watch Now

Hitting Trainer Nick Ascue and I had a hitting Roundtable with Chicago Cubs Minor League Hitting Coach Rachel Folden.  It is filled with insight from one of the great thinking minds in player development – Log in or Join now




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