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In Korea, bat flips are a way of lifeI couldn’t agree more

Kris Bryant Using Technology To Keep His Swing Right – The coronavirus pandemic left major-league players scrambling for ways to stay sharp at their offseason homes.

Cardinals banking on hitting technology to cure what ails their offense – Objective assessment to better training for hitters

Is Jordon Luplow the best deal in baseball?Raise your hand if you know which three major league hitters had the most success against left-handed pitching last season.

How good will the Twins be this season? – Projecting the Twins using Statcast data

Training the pelvic powerhouse – If you can’t move your pelvis correctly you can’t perform any of the actions required in golf efficiently (and baseball)

Diamond Kinetics leading the Play at Home iniative – The SwingTracker and PitchTracker are providing players the feedback they need in their training

Joe Kelly’s one finger fastball – Kelly got off to a rough start but he’s taking measures to improve from the industry leader in pitcher development

Biomechanics of Speed – How a fundamental understanding of the biomechanical principles that affect speed

The Affect of Umpires on Runs – Using data from Baseball Savant’s pitch-by-pitch library, we can begin to understand the role that these incorrect calls play in baseball.

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  • We have been talking about the importance of isometric exercise in post-training on the Sunday Night Trainer Roundtable (login to watch)
    • Performance Trainer Ryan Mullins takes us through post hitting stability routines in HItting+ (login to watch)
  • Trainer Nick Ascue walks us through a catcher framing drill series you can do anywhere – Available to all users (login to watch)


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