Using A Bat Sensor to Measure Your Swing Plane

Matching swing plane with the plane of the pitch early and a long time is important.

Really important. As Peter Drucker says what gets measured gets managed. Swing plane is too important not to be measured and tracked on a consistent basis. Let’s look at how Diamond Kinetics defines approach angle

The approach angle is the angle of the swing plane just before and at impact. A negative approach angle means the bat is traveling down through the ball at impact, while a positive approach angle means the bat is traveling up through the ball at impact. Like the other range metrics, larger isn’t necessarily better.

Approach angle is the Diamond Kinetics metric that has the most significant influence on a ball’s launch angle off the bat. The desired approach angle is largely dependant on the hitter’s intent. Research supports that an approach angle between 5-15 degrees is considered ideal to hit line drives, while home run approach angles typically fall between 20-35 degrees. Batters with a high batting average typically fall between 10-14 degrees.

See the below chart on how the best players in the world arrive at impact.

MLB Players estimated average swing plane

Training application

Players should measure their approach angle from the tee, front toss, overhand bp, as well as high velocity bp or live at bats. See how consistent your swing is across the process and try to apply training to points of failure!

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