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Mrs. Correa Brings Sunshine

Well done Carlos

The smooth fielding, nuke hitting shortstop is winning on and off the field

Donaldson Was Busy During Quarantine

JD dropping bombs of a different kind during the Covid quarantine

Congrats to you both and welcome to team no sleep

Your love of caffeinated drinks just rose by a factor of 10

Opening Day in….

The countdown is on

And if you don’t follow Daren Willman on Twitter dot com, you should

Rule #1

Baseball is fun

Rule #2 – When in doubt see rule number 1

Yes, that means you crazy travel ball parent that is yelling at your kid every time they make a mistake


Left Field Bleacher Destroyed at Yankee Stadium

Yesterday Giancarlo shot a 113 mph rocket into the left-field bleacher

Honestly, someone is lucky they weren’t sitting there because they would be dead

You will want to turn your volume up…..


Jon Lester’s Life is Good

If you end 2 curses, maybe you can buy a yacht too

I’m certain no one is fining Lester in kangaroo court for the questionable naming of the boat

But again, you end 2 world series curses and you can do whatever you want. The world is your playground

JD Talks Hitting

JD Martinez has been one of the most dominant hitters of the last 5 years

Hearing him interact with other hitters in the cage is a work of art


Train athleticism first….Always

If you train athletically you can always refine later

If you train mechanically it’s hard to add athleticism later

I see it every day

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