We are packing up our equipment and bringing it to you. Technology is quickly becoming part of the evaluation process of players. Don't let your team get left behind. Services for facilities, travel organizations, high school or college programs are available.

We will use our Hittrax System to collect batted ball data to give you feedback!  We will provide launch angle breakdowns including overall average, an average of hard-hit balls, as well as a breakdown by field (left, middle, right).  Exit Velocity breakdowns will include overall average, peak, average by the point of impact, as well as average broken down by field (left, middle, right).

We will use Diamond Kinetics Swingtracker to measure and assess key swing metrics.  We will provide measurable feedback such as average bat speed, peak bat speed, peak barrel acceleration, average swing plane, swing plane consistency, hand casting distance, as well as swing time to impact.

We will use KVest technology to capture how the body moves through space.  This includes kinematic sequence, posture, rotational velocities, as well as speed gains.

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The Motus Sleeve is used to collect overhand throwing data.  We will provide feedback such as fastball, curveball, & changeup arm slot as well as overall arm stress on your pitch arsenal.

Rapsodo is used to capture and analyze the ball flight thrown from a pitcher.  We will provide measurable feedback such as speeds, horizontal/vertical movement, spin rate, spin axis, as well as spin efficiency of each pitch in a pitcher's arsenal

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