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I like Pete Alonso

He hits towering majestic homers, and he says things like “I just try to hit the hell out of it” then yesterday this photo arrives on the world wide web

As a member of the Dad bod club this makes my heart happy and my love of Pete Alonso even higher.

Keep representing Pete

Major League players do things that make you scratch your head all the time.

While Riley Greene makes an unbelievable play on this ball, how on earth did C.J. Cron manage to no just hit this ball, but hit it over the wall?

Total wizardry I tell you.

Here’s a better look from Twitter phenom Craig Hyatt (follow him now)

Seriously, that ball would have hit him in the back foot.  The Catcher is trying to block it, and somehow he catches barrel and hits it over the wall.  Unbelievable

When a hit and run goes bad….or something

You work on it at practice all the time.  The hit and run, you have to swing, right?

“What if the catcher gets in the way coach?”

Doesn’t matter!!

DOWN GOES FRAIZER, and I can’t stop watching

It’s like Forrest Gump taking a bullet directly to the buttocks.

Panda or Fat Shawn Kemp

Pablo Sandoval looks like he took resting during the lockdown to all-time levels.

While Panda has never been a model of fitness it before the lockdown, it does raise a good debate.

Who gained more LBs during their free time.  Panda or Shawn Kemp

If you are unfamiliar with Shawn Kemp, he was a NBA Dunking sensation during the 90’s

During the 1999 lockout, Kemp reported to camp up 35 pounds from the previous season.










So who you got? Panda or Kemp?

Monday Homers

Every Monday young players from around the internet tag me in their majestic weekend homers.

It’s a beautiful thing

Here are a few:


That’s it.  Have a great Tuesday

Hit 💣

Throw ⛽️


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