LPD+ Softball Pitcher

Softball Velocity Build Plyoballs

How do increase my fastball?

Softball pitchers have been looking for better ways to not only increase their fastball but increase their throwing fitness while passively increasing their mechanical efficiency.  Building on our Dynamic Fastball Guide we are offering continued training program access.  These training programs are builtm, measured, assessed and reassessed with data and technology from Motus, Rapsodo, and more.  Developing players to reach their potential isn’t a job we take lightly. Programs access includes:

  • 12 Week Advanced Velocity Build Guide with unlimited program updates
  • Year-round training plans
  • Unlimited program assistance

Get lifetime access to all the Softball pitcher training guides including velocity builds, blend to season and in-season programs.

This also comes with:

  • Velo Lab Online Community Profile
  • Group Access
  • Sunday Swings Live Archive
  • Book Club Access
  • Program assistance and feedback

Don’t want lifetime access?  That’s fine.  Renew Monthly For Only $14.99 CLICK HERE