We are at a time in baseball where technology and data-driven development is a must. Chad has said time and again that it’s our responsibility, as coaches, to use this new information for player development. Doing otherwise is not a player first mentality. We are currently four weeks into Chad’s weighted bat training program and the changes we are starting to see are very promising. We’ve allowed our intent to govern our swings, we’ve created efficient pathways to the baseball, and we’ve seen players make great adjustments to pitch locations. Our exit velocities have improved alongside our approach angles using Diamond Kinetics Hitting sensors. Chad’s vast video library contains vital information so that I may better communicate my expectations and procedures to my players during training. Above all else, the athletes come to training with high energy and a drive to improve because of our tangible data. This program has proven to work in not only a one-on-one setting but in a team setting as well.”

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