Kyle Wilson – Tamba Bay Rays MiLB Hitting Coach| Owner, The Performance Academy

Chad’s continuous drive to advance our game, willingness to share information, and passion for player development makes him one of the best in the business! Any player or coach looking to improve would be crazy not to dive into his… Read more “Kyle Wilson – Tamba Bay Rays MiLB Hitting Coach| Owner, The Performance Academy”

Rachel Folden, Chicago Cubs MiLB Hitting Coach | Owner of Folden Fastpitch (Merrillville, IN) | Former NPF Player

The LPD+ program and player development systems are awesome. Using them has helped my softball players gain bat speed, exit speed, move better, and develop body awareness. But more than that, this program has spurred my creativity as a coach to implement better movements, drills, and create better swing patterns. Also, if I have any questions, Chad is super helpful… Read more “Rachel Folden, Chicago Cubs MiLB Hitting Coach | Owner of Folden Fastpitch (Merrillville, IN) | Former NPF Player”

Kevin, Father

Chad is the total package in skill development. Hittrax, Diamond Kinetics and Video coupled with Chad’s understanding of the kinetic chain has my kiddo hitting bombs. Chad has been a great source of knowledge with both programming and analytics.  My 12-year-old Son has made amazing strides due to knowing with certainty where his challenges in the swing are. CNS stimulation… Read more “Kevin, Father”

Ashton, D2 Player

I have trained at Mecca of data-driven player development and intent-based training, Driveline, and Chad’s program is right there with them. If you’re looking for a hitting or pitching coach Chad is the only way to go. He thrives on knowledge and challenging his system. If you looking for a system that is constantly tested and proven not one that says… Read more “Ashton, D2 Player”

Coach Tyler Brietzke, Council Bluffs, IA

We are at a time in baseball where technology and data-driven development is a must. Chad has said time and again that it’s our responsibility, as coaches, to use this new information for player development. Doing otherwise is not a player first mentality. We are currently four weeks into Chad’s weighted bat training program and the changes we are starting… Read more “Coach Tyler Brietzke, Council Bluffs, IA”

Doug, Father

Great eye-opening training session. I strongly recommend training with Chad. He gave my son, Graham great training ideas for real measurable… Read more “Doug, Father”

David, Father

My son Cooper age 11 has been using Chad’s program since lat June early July. I have noticed a definite increase in his bat speed, as well as improvements in his launch angle. In addition, when I’ve any questions about how to implement any part of his program, Chad has been quick to… Read more “David, Father”

Alex, Junior College Player

Sometimes I sit and I think how crazy it is that for 6 years I was trying to do everything that I learned this summer and after my first at-bat I could just tell that this was it. It is so much easier to make adjustments because I know the parameters and I know where to look when something’s off.… Read more “Alex, Junior College Player”

Caleb, Division 1 Player

As a D1 player, coaches son and student of the game, I have heard a countless number of people talk hitting and Chad is without a doubt the most knowledgeable. From learning how to move in space to tracking measurable data he is the best at incorporating both. His weighted bat programs have not only helped my bat speed climb but helped… Read more “Caleb, Division 1 Player”

As a high school softball coach, I have worked closely with Chad for the last year. During that time I have completely changed my coaching model. We have introduced his weighted bat system into our in season and off-season workouts. We also have started to measure and assess our players swings with data-driven feedback to more precisely pinpoint their problem areas. After making these changes our team improved in every offensive category and also broke the school's single-season home run record. Instead of just trying to put the ball in play, our players now have the confidence in their swings to go to the plate and look to do damage.

Justin, Head Softball Coach, Central High School, Va

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