Pitching and Hitting Programs
Baseball or softball, we want to help you maximize your power potential.   
Currently in 2 locations in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia
Bringing our technology and evaluation tools to your team or facility
Powered by Hit Trax, Diamond Kinetics, Rapsodo and more
Custom Reporting and Feedback

Is LPD Hitting Right For You?

TEST. What does your data say you need to work on? Getting a measurable foundation is the starting point for any training plan
TRAIN. Make the most out of your practice time working on exactly what you need right now.
RETEST. Did your training work? A simple question that gets overlooked.
Dynamic Training Programs
For Players of All Levels
Developed and Backed by Data and Tech Feedback on Real Players


Curiosity, this is what defines me and my journey. As most coaches will validate themselves as coaches with their playing careers, I believe that my playing career is completely irrelevant to helping you with your journey as a player, other than I have been there and I know how it feels.