Training Research and Studies

Weighted Bat Research:

  1.   Acute Effects Of Various Weighted Bat Warm-Up Protocols On Bat Velocity – Read Now
  2.  Contributing Factors For Increased Bat Swing Velocity – Read Now
  3.  Effects of Weighted Bat Implement Training on Bat Swing Velocity – Read Now
  4. Evaluating the effects of underloaded and overloaded warm-ups on subsequent swing velocity – Read Now
  5. The Effects Of Various Weighted Implements On Baseball Swing Kinematics In Collegiate Baseball Players – Read Now
  6. The Acute and Chronic Effects Of Isometric Contraction Conditioning On Baseball Bat Velocity – Read Now

Motor Learning Research:

  1. Attention Focus and Functional Connectivity in Cycling, An EEG Case Study – Read Now
  2. Coaching Instruction and Cues For Enhancing Sprint Performance – Read Now
  3. Disturbance in Hitting Accuracy By Professional and Collegiate Baseball Players Due to Intentional Change in Target Position – Read Now
  4. Effects of Focus Attention on Baseball Batting Performance in Players Of Differing Skill Levels – Read Now
  5. The Learning Advantages of an External Focus of Attention in Golf – Read Now
  6. Modeling Coaching Practice: The Role Of Instruction and Demonstration – Read Now
  7. Increased Movement Accuracy And Reduced EMG Activity As The Result of Adopting an External Focus of Attention – Read Now
  8. Increased Jump Height and Reduced EMG Activity with an External Focus – Read Now

Vision Research

  1. Batting With Occluded Vision: An in Situ examination of the Information Pick Up and Interceptive Skills of High and Low Skille Cricket Batsman – Read Now
  2. Improved Vision and On-Field Performance In Baseball Through Perceptual Learning – Read Now
  3. The Visual Function of Professional Baseball Players – Read Now
  4. Which technology to investigate visual perception in sport: Video vs. virtual reality – Read Now