Velo Lab Mark 1 overload Weighted bats

A big part of my swing development process is the use of weighted bats that are an overload from the game weights (+12,+15,+18 in our 12-week progressions) from constraint positions to pattern an efficient rotational swing sequence.  Research shows this method of using overloaded implements as the most efficient way to remap parts of a swing as they provide better kinesthetic awareness throughout the swing.

There are two primary benefits of using constraint swing training with overloaded bats.  The first is the above reorganization of mechanical patterns through guided self-discovery with environmental modifications over of traditional mechanical cueing.  And the second is the increase of the athlete’s swing-specific fitness levels allowing the athlete to produce greater bat speed, and barrel acceleration thus leading to higher exit velocities.


By constantly testing and accessing the best drill processes with the overloaded bats, we have a highly effective drill progression that will maximize the ability to produce & accept force in the swing while providing greater mechanical feedback for a hitter.

See the below table of High Softball Team Implementation of constraint overload drills as well as weighted bat BP progressions.  Hard to deny when the numbers are so clear.

[table id=27 /]


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