Babe Ruth Old School

Babe Ruth was pretty good.  So was Ted Williams, and Hank Aaron.  Those guys never got private lessons or had personal hitting coaches.  So how did they figure it out?  Easy, Intent to hit the ball as hard and as far as they could from a young age.  Technology and the internet is a wonderful thing, maybe the best thing that has ever happened to humanity.  Good ideas are spreading like never before.  Unfortunately so are bad ones.  With the advent of the internet popped up all sorts of hitting gurus.  Some with reputable backgrounds and some not, all spreading their ideas about hitters and hitting.  My biggest issue with a lot of hitting coaches online is many are putting more confusion into the community than clarity.  I always go back to 2 questions when coaching hitters.

What's the purpose?

From the advent of baseball players have been going to the plate to hit the ball as consistently hard as they can.  Period.  I understand counts, and situations sometimes dictate otherwise and we will discuss another day but the purpose of hitting is to develop a swing that allows you to hit the ball as hard and as consistently as you can.

What matters?

If hitting the ball consistently hard is the purpose then what matters to a hitter.  Hitting isn't mechanics.  Hitting is movement.  And if you want to hit better you have to move better.  The things that hitters must do is create deep acceleration of the barrel, create top-end speed in the barrel, and create consistent swing planes that produce high exit speeds and launch angles between 10-20 degrees consistently.  If you can do those things you are a hitter.  We can now measure these things also with a tool such as a Diamond Kinetics Swingtracker. As a coach, you must test, assess, and measure this in all of your hitters.


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