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A Batter’s Hard Hit Angle: One of our in Gym KPI’s is launch angle of hard hit balls.  A good intro to understanding the metric for training

What would Trevor Bauer Change About Michael Lorenzen’s Mechanics?: Not reading, but a great video on the rotational mechanics of a pitcher and generating power from the ground up

Scouting Michael Jordan: A story from 1994 about Michael Jordan’s chances of making it to the big leagues

Ramping Up For Pitchers Returning to Baseball: What you need to know to avoid injury and setbacks when returning to competition

Why do pitches move the way they do?: A look a seam shifted wake and its effect on pitch movement

Arkansas Recognized as Top College Baseball Facility: Everything is bigger in the south, especially when it comes to college baseball

NL teams prepare to use full time DH: Who does it help and hurt the most

Understanding Ground Force in the Swing: A free course from Chicago Cubs MiLB Hitting Coordinator Justin Stone

Is creating backspin for a hitter helpful?: An interesting bias on xWOBA

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  • In this week’s Free LPD+ preview pitching trainer Chase Cunningham goes through one of our on floor pitcher med ball routines. Watch now



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  • Every Sunday we hold a members-only Zoom Roundtable to discuss topics from a week on the training floor as well as allow members to submit questions for the trainers to answer.  In this week’s roundtable pitching trainer Chase Cunningham discuss optimizing a pitchers fastball.  Log in or Join now to watch


  • Hitting Trainer Nick Ascue and I sat down and talked hitting with Chicago Cubs Minor League hitting coach Rachel Folden.  It was so good there will need to be a part 2. Log in or Join now to watch


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Tune in tomorrow as pitching trainer Chase Cunningham writes the follow-up article to Sundays Zoom roundtable on fastball optimization





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