Coaching and developing hitters is a never-ending puzzle of movement problems and solutions, which is why I love it.  If you have read my BIO then you already know that I am a curiosity junkie so hitting very much satisfies that need.  Every hitter is exceptionally different but most of the issues I see stem from one underlying problem.  The wrong intent!

Intent Begets Action

First of all, you need to understand the foundation of the movement.  All movement, including hitting, is governed and controlled by the central nervous system.  This is why we all walk differently, run differently, throw differently.  We all have individual nuance to satisfy the movement problem, ie walking, running, throwing, and/or hitting.  Intent can be defined as how an individual body will self-organize and adapt to solve the problem.  For example, go back to when you learned to walk. If you could remember it then you would remember that your only goal was to go from one point to another and so your body set out to accomplish that task.  Foot mechanics, leg mechanics, arm mechanics, and balance all self-organize to solve the problem of walking from point a to point b.  Hitting is no different than that.

The Wrong Intent

I see hitters every day.  All different, but most of their movement deficiency stems back from the wrong intent. What does this mean?  They have either engrained a movement pattern based on either a. not swinging the bat as hard as they can (to much slack) or b. focused on the wrong outcome (hitting a ground ball).  Either movement deficiency based on searching for the wrong answer will have no chance to achieve the right movement solution to hitting a moving ball in either baseball or softball.

The Right Answer

In today’s game, we have the answers to the test.  The data is clear that hitting the ball hard and hitting the ball in the air is the answer to satisfy the movement problem.  Any training done against solving that problem will lead you down a road to the wrong swing pattern and ultimately results that will play you out of any lineup eventually because whether coaches freely admit it or not like players that produce runs offensively and help them win games.

Change Your Intent

If you have been trapped by searching for the wrong answer and you feel like you have gone too far down the road to change I have good news for you.  Albeit difficult you can change.  Start with your mind, then focus on your body.  Mentally focus externally on hitting the ball hard and hitting it in the air every single time you swing a bat.  Physically you are going to need to adopt a weighted bat program to force new swing adaptation in your CNS to satisfy your new external focus.  Of course, I am partial to the Velo Lab Online program but there are lots of good programs you can adapt to improve your movement quality.

Don’t Panic

I don’t want you to panic and think this is too difficult for you to figure out and/or change what you have been doing.  It’s not, just start today trying to hit the ball as hard and as far as you can.  Be patient to that process of motor pattern learning and watch your swing become better and more effecient for your movement profile!


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