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What a ride it has been for the kid from the small town in Virginia

The success of the Spinner is something I am very proud of.

To think that something that I thought up in my brain driving to Disney World with my family in 2017 now helps hundreds of thousands of players keep their throwing shoulders healthy is humbling.

To this date, I have hand-built every single one of them.  Sometimes I get behind with delays but at the end of the day we have delivered what I feel is a very good arm care tool

The Spinner is in more college programs than I can count (I’ll let them share their thoughts on it) and in more than 1 major league clubhouse (I’ll let them tell you if they want).

The best players in the world are using something I hand-built!  Crazy.

Recently Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk got his hands on one and had positive things to say

“Simply design, I think it works better than the blade.  It’s more convenient and more exact in getting to your shoulder”

If you don’t already follow Casey Fisk on twitter, you need to.  He has been one of my favorite follows for a long time and someone I have extracted a ton of value from

Thanks to Casey and Carlton for sharing your support and kind words about The Spinner

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